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Comprehensive Construction Management

Since its origins, our company has developed a significant activity in comprehensive site management, in order to offer a service that was not covered by the rest of conventional engineering companies.

This service is based on the assignment of the lots between several contractors, which allow our clients to obtain better results in costs and qualities

Consequently, the scope of the works not only involves the onsite construction management (works supervision and management, health & safety management), but also includes the following duties:

  • Elaboration of the different lots for offers applications.
  • Comparison of offers and advising in contracting.
  • Planning, management and cost control, according to established objectives.
  • General and detailed planning of the building.
  • Coordination of works in site between the different contractors.
  • Supervision and compilation of the documentation given by the contractors.
  • Provisional and final conformity with works, as well as monitoring during the warranty period.

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