The large amount of projects in which we have taken part is one of our main differences from our competitors, providing us with an advantage when we undertake these projects of great complexity and magnitude.

Proyectos Centro San Cibrao vista aerea

Shopping centres are the cornerstone of our business. During our career, the most important and ambitious projects in which we have participated have been those consisting of designing and constructing shopping and entertainment centres, total or partially, as are hypermarkets, cinemas, shopping malls, accesses, parking lots or petrol stations.

This type of construction requires to be executed by a multidisciplinary highly-experienced professional team, capable of facing the important challenges that it involves.
The extensive dossier of this type of projects that our company owns, guarantees a highly-specialized service, aimed at the creation of representative spaces for their environment and efficient in their resources consumption.

Our team of Architects and Engineers will turn this type of projects into an opportunity to develop your imagination and ingenuity resulting in unique and innovative buildings, they can be optimally host the different uses and activities of the operators that occupy the Center or Park Commercial.