The objective of energy efficiency in buildings is set from two perspectives, the one corresponding to the design of new buildings that respect the environment, such as the one corresponding to the updating of existing buildings to improve and minimize their impact on the environment.

In the new plant actions our services include both the design and the advice on the implementation of measures and systems that allow to project a new efficient building in its consumption, integrated in the landscape and the environment, in addition to being built with ecological and respectful materials . Likewise, the design of these new buildings must allow their monitoring and maintenance after commissioning, so that continuity throughout their useful life of an environment-friendly functionality is maintained.

Our advisory services in the design of efficient buildings are endorsed by our certification as a BREEAM® NEW CONSTRUCTION AUTHORIZED COMPANY.

In the case of existing buildings, our services include the revision in operation of the same, including the audit of current facilities and the proposal of improvements that allow to achieve desired efficiency and energy saving objectives, as well as the development of the projects and the direction and monitoring of the necessary reform works

We are a sustainable construction company:

auditorias eficiencia energética